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You are in:
Central Thailand
Capital: Lopburi
Location: Central Thailand
Neighboring provinces: Nakhon Ratchasima, Saraburi, Nakhon Sawan,
Singburi, Phetchabun.
From Bangkok to Lopburi:  154 km
Photo: Phra Narai Ratchanivej
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How to get:

By Car
Unter Construction

By Bus
There are buses leaving regularly from the Northern Bus Terminal, Mo Chit.

Northern-Northeastern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit 2 Bus Terminal),
Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Bangkok
Tel: 02 936 2852-66
BTS Sky Train: Mo Chit (N8)

By Rail
The State Railway of Thailand operates daily trains to Lopburi. For more information contact Bangkok's Hua Lamphong Railway Grand Station.

Hua Lamphong, Rama IV Road
Tel: 02 223 7010, 02 223 7020

Phra Narai Ratchanivet and
Somdet Phra Narai National Museum

Amphoe Muang
This ancient palace of the Ayutthaya Dynasty is a good example of the significant historical architecture of the Lopburi period. The rectangular site covers approximately 7 hectares. The palace faces the town and the Lopburi River is behind it. It is surrounded by brick walls with boundary stones, and consists of 7 forts and 11 big arch Gates. Walls and gates have small arches with niches for lamps, typical of architecture during the time of King Narai the Great.
Phra Narai Ratchanivet was build by King Narai, the king who ruled Ayutthaya from 2199 to 2231 B.E.

1. The water tank
2. The Twelve Halls of Treausure
3. The Reception Hall for foreign envoys
4. The Phra Chao Hao Hall
5. The Elephant Stables
6. The Chanthara Phisan Throne Hall
7. Dusitsawan Thanya Mahaprasada Throne Hall
8. Suthasawan Throne Hall
9. Thim Dap
10. Phiman Mongkut Pavillion
11. Phra Pratiep Building

Sorasak road
Muang District
Lopburi 15000

Phra Prang Sam Yot
Amphoe Muang
Is a Buddhist building of the Mahayana sect in the art style of Lopburi period (18th Buddhist century).


Tourist attractions
and places of interest in Lopburi

- Statue of King Narai the Great
- Wat Phra Si Rattana Maha That
- Wat Choeng Tha
- Wat Sao Thong Thong
- Lopburi Zoo
- Wat Kawisararam
Was formerly called Wat Khwit.

Phra Kan Shrine - San Phra Kan
Amphoe Muang
Is a temple in the Brahman religion. Dating from the 16th Buddhist century, it is built of laterite slabs laid on top of each other with a wide base.

Phra Khaek
Amphoe Muang
Prang Khaek is located between Phra Narai Rachanivej and the official residence of ambassadors. It is not far from Phra Prang Sam Yot.


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